What is Justdin ?

Justdin is a mobile app that brings together people with the same interests.

Extreme sports, nautical sports, mechanical sports, cars, vintage cars, people, videogames, manga, comics, new technologies, 2D and 3D animation, travel, cinema, scientific discoveries, astrology, astronomy, fashion, beauty, politics, cooking, current affairs: there are thousands of possible topics for just as many enthusiasts!

Are you interested in these topics and want to find someone you can talk about them with?

Whether you are a private individual or a professional, whether you communicate with sign language (ASL or BSL) or are a foreigner who speaks various languages, a beginner or expert, an amateur or a professional competitor, a collector or a simple enthusiast, you’ll be able to find the right contact to meet.

What can you do...

  • Send an invite.
  • Organise and plan your appointments
  • Find, despite the unrelenting pace of life, a member of the community close to you that meets your schedule.
  • Return the smile and sparkle to your eyes, thanks to an interesting meeting.
  • Create opportunities by meeting new people.
  • Take advantage of partnership promotions directly on the app.
  • Choose meeting places forwarded to you as suggestions or “selected for you” as notifications and newsletter.


Geolocalise an interesting dinner companion a few km from you !

View the profiles

View profiles with the same interests, passions and professions…


Indicate your availability and match your appointments

Send an invite

In just a few clicks you can choose where, when and who you will meet…

Justdin’s objectives

  • Meet for lunch or dinner.
  • Optimise the exchange phase.
  • Create a propitious atmosphere to develop the relations between members of the community.
  • Capture the attention of the interlocutor with a topic of conversation that the user has chosen, based on their preferences.
  • Put all the members of the community in contact, easily and quickly, with well-defined criteria.

Are you on holiday, a business trip, away for a seminar, training course or internship ?

Do you have some free time and don’t know anyone in town ?

Do you want to promote your association or your activity sector ?

Do you want to share new projects and meet new profiles, talents in a convivial and informal atmosphere ?

Everything will be centralised in a single app.

“Just” you : simply you without filters, to eliminate barriers and prejudices.

“Just” a place : a suitable environment to communicate a message in a conducive atmosphere for a conversation.

Justdin because human relations remain your priority !

Because life is made of choices and dining alone is always less enriching !

Send an invite to one or more people.


SIAM Monaco 2017

SIAM 2017: the first Monaco International Motor Show ! Glorious sunshine greeted the first Monaco International Motor Show, from 16 to 19 February 2017. This unique open air event focused on ecology, innovation, technology, mobility and prestige. Amongst the futurist looking vehicles we met up with Isabelle Cottone, founder of Justdin. What do you take…

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Monaco Magic 2017

Pop Culture has landed in Monaco ! Japan Expo, Comic Con, Paris Games Week,Paris Manga… There is certainly no shortage of shows dedicated to mangas, videogames, animation and comics. And yet there is a ‘but’: they are all held in Paris. For the third consecutive year and, our great fortune, on 18 February 2017 #MAGIC2017…

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