What is Justdin ?

Justdin is the social network that makes it easier to meet like-minded people!

This mobile social dining app will change your everyday life and broaden your horizons.

Sitting around a welcoming table collectors, competitors, amateurs or experts can discuss and share their knowledge of shared passions.

An app designed for YOU, whether a private individual or professional, for those who speak the language of signs or for those who speak various languages, for recent arrivals to a new city or students who want to share an authentic moment. EVERYBODY can meet up here, in a single and unique community.

Why eat alone if you can share a meal with someone?

With the Justdin mobile app you will be able to optimise your time. Choose an area where to meet and share a coffee, or a meal, with the closest Justdiners.

Become your own event planner and meet up over a delicious meal!

How does it work?

  • Upload your availability, match your schedule, choose a date, location and share some company around a table.
  • Select the profiles and add them to your favourites based on your preferences: language, profession, interests, passions and free time, astrological sign, culinary preferences and much more…
  • Invite Justdiners with similar affinities, availability or interests to yours.


Geolocate people that share your interests and invite them to share your next meal.

View the profiles

Analyse the available profiles and invite those closest to yours to share a meal together.


Choose a date and location and take advantage of the offers of Justdin’s partner restaurants!

Send an invite

In just a few clicks, you can choose Where, When and Who you will meet…

Meeting someone over a meal!

Why use Justdin?

  • Advanced user profiles (description, interests, availability, astrological sign, culinary and food preferences).
  • Organise and plan a meeting for dinner, or lunch, based on your availability.
  • Take advantage of the promotional offers, and the extraordinary discounts, for bookings made in one of our partner restaurants.
  • The app leaves a lot of room for spontaneity and lets you rediscover the pleasure of human relations.

Innovative functions!

  • The first social app that brings together those who speak many languages and those who speak the language of star signs.
  • Advanced user profiles:

    • – description
    • – interests
    • – availability
    • – astrological sign
    • – culinary and food preferences
    • – and much more…

  • An innovative matching algorithm suggests profiles compatible with your personality.

Improved Premium Version!

  • Discover and “chat” with your 10 future dinner partners!
  • Become a group leader, create themed events and invite matching profiles in just a few clicks.
  • Constantly improved for an enjoyable user experience.


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